Greenflux tariffs

The greenflux stations are the regional charging stations managed by total/pitpoint.
I’ve collected the tariffs for the different Mobility Service Providers

MSPPrice per kWhRemark app€0,4326€2,17 for less than 5kWh
Shell Recharge (Newmotion)€0,64
Blue Corner€0,468€2,34 for less than 5kWh
Plugsurfing€0,36€1,98 for less than 5 kWh
€1,98 starting fee for more than 5kWh
Maingau€0,54Idle fee of €0,10 per minute
Chargemap€0,397Starting fee of €2,315
MSP tariffs

RFID or App

All charging stations can be unlocked via an RFID badge or the app of the MSP.