EV Tapper

I really like the Tapper arcade so decided to spin it into an EV game. 🙂
Check it out:

The game works on smartphones but is most enjoyable with a keyboard.
Have fun!


EV Trip game

As a developer interested in typescript I am somewhat familiar with a HTML5 gaming frame work phaser.

The game is here. Any modern browser should hopefully work although I can make no guarantees.

This is an attempt at a semi-educational game to give an idea of the charging challenges of electric vehicles.
The image below shows the game in action.
The blue line represents the road which can increase in length according to the level. The moving vehicle on the road is represented by a circle with a percentage number. That number is the current State of Charge and is kept up to date as time progresses.

The cyan box connected to the road represents a charging station area. In the box there is occupation information. Here it says one of the two available charging bays is occupied. The number on the left says there are 0 waiting vehicles. There are 20 spots available in a charging station area. The more there are charging bays, the less there are waiting spots.

On the top left there is a time scale selector. x1 is realtime. You can go to x40 to speed time up.

Start button pauses the game. Click it again to unpause.

If you switch to another tab, window or app, the game will pause automatically.

If you click on a charging station near the road you will display the charging station information.
The first line gives the power each charging bay can receive (KW) and the current load when vehicle are charging next to it.
When vehicle are charging you will earn money ($) as seen on the top in the middle. With that money you can buy additional charging stations. A 20kW charging station with two bays costs $20.000. More powerful stations can be bought in later levels if you have the collected money.

The image below show the vehicle info window which will open when you click/tap on a vehicle.

SoC: State of Charge in %.
Range kms: current remaining range in kimometers.
kWh: battery capacity. More capacities will be available as the game progresses.
Kph: kilometers per hour (speed)
Wh/km: watthours consumption per kilometer
Threshold %: the percentage of the SoC when the charging will start throttling.
Strategy: the charging strategy.

All the vehicle data is random. You never know what to expect!

Charging strategies:
Vehicles will adopt random charging strategies when created.

  • Optimal: Start charging when less than throttle threshold. Stop charging when throttling begins.
  • Opportunistic: Start charging when no other station ahead in range. Stop charging when in range of other station.
  • Anxiety: Start charging when near a charging station. Stop charging until 100% SoC.

Open source:
The source is freely available on github.